How you behave as a boss in times of personal employee stress…

In a Q & A given by the question was raised:

An employee recently asked for a week’s compassionate leave to spend time with a sick relative who isn’t a dependent, which was granted. I am keen to get a policy in place for dealing with this in the future, particularly if the next time it necessitates more time off work. What are the main things I should consider?

They responded :

How you behave as a boss in times of personal employee stress can be one of the most important factors in maintaining a happy and loyal workforce. The very first step is taking time to understand exactly what the problem is and how much leave they may need as a result.

It’s essential that the ‘Boss’ is kept in line by ‘HR’ so that the more delicate elements of employee relations are considered and administered effectively.

They continue saying:

If the employee’s job doesn’t necessarily require them being in the office then it may be worth suggesting that they work from home occasionally. That way you still benefit from their input while allowing them to respond to the needs of the situation.

Throughout this process it’s vital to keep talking. Arrange regular meetings to check how they are coping, as they will no doubt need and welcome your support during this time. You may wish to offer counselling or life coaching as a benefit during this period. This is great for encouraging loyalty and staff retention so that when the need for compassionate leave ends you have an appreciative and engaged employee.

The keywords here are:




Engaged (Employee)

By acting in this order engaging your employees can remain an important part of your companies operations.


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