Botox – Retain Staff?!



ACC can’t back up claims that giving staff free Botox or aromatherapy treatments helps it to retain staff, says National Party ACC spokeswoman Pansy Wong.

“When National revealed that ACC staff were getting ACTIVA cards which covered things like cosmetic procedures and pet grooming, we were told it helped in the retention of staff.”

ACC initially said the card provided ‘a cost effective, administratively efficient, and consistent way to provide staff with access to health and wellbeing products and services’.


“But written parliamentary questions reveal that ACC has absolutely no evidence to back that up.”

Answers from ACC Minister Maryan Street say, ‘ACC is not specifically evaluating the ACTIVA card’.

“So how can ACC possibly claim that subsidised pet grooming is ‘a cost effective, administratively efficient, and consistent way’ to help retain staff?”

ACC has spent $750,000 on the ACTIVA cards, giving 2,000 staff access to $250 each, which can be spent on a range of goods and services including day spas, manicures, and botox.

“ACC Minister, Maryan Street, said she’d look into the matter and even ask ACC’s Board Chair about it. No-one’s heard anything since.

“So, does the Labour Government support this approach with public money or not?”


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