Employee Retention Needs to Improve in Call Centers…

The high turnover rate that call centers are experiencing is becoming more and more alarming. There is indeed a need to improve human resource management here.

It just cannot be denied how call centers experience high turnover rates. This is quite sad because as successful as the call industry is in terms of profit, the same thing cannot be said when it comes to employee retention. Thus, there is indeed a need for improvement in terms of human resource management in call centers. To do this effectively, you also need to consider the situation from the perspective of the call center representatives themselves. After all, they are the frontliners in this industry so their needs do have to be considered primarily.

You just cannot begin to imagine how stressful the job of a call center agent is. Before you become a regular at the position, you would have to undergo many training sessions. You have to take exams that would test more than just your regular English proficiency. These exams are also designed to determine your technical skills and logical skills, especially when it comes to resolving the problems or issues of the customers who call for assistance. This does not even include the adjustment of your biological clock when it comes to keeping up with shifting work schedules. These and more are the reasons behind call center agents becoming stressed and overworked, eventually leading to a large bulk of them leaving the industry for “greener” and “more comfortable” pastures. This is precisely why call center companies have to do all that it can to improve human resource management here.

Improve the hiring and testing processes of your HR department.

The wise decision is to begin with the hiring process. After all, this is the starting point in becoming a call center agent. The problem just might lie in the fact that the HR department is hiring all the wrong people to become call center agents, and this is the reason behind the high turnover rate. By improving the quality of your hiring and testing processes, you just might end up with the right people for the job.

Increase the training period.

Call centers are always in a rush to get their trainees on the floor, to take live calls. This is because there is an increasing need of live agents to handle the ever-growing number of customers and their issues. However, this does not mean that you should forego training because training is the very foundation of a successful call center agent. Thus, if there is a need to increase or lengthen the training period, then be prepared to d so. Also, with the training period lengthened, it would be easier to determine which of the trainees are indeed comfortable with their jobs.

Focus on employee morale.

Who does not respond to monetary rewards? Experience has shown that call center agents respond very positively to such rewards. You can actually use this to your advantage. By putting on, say, a friendly competition amongst your agents to reach a certain quota, you can offer monetary rewards for this. Recognition for one’s performance is also a must here. By recognizing the efforts of your call center agents and for the jobs well done, you would actually boost employee morale here.

These are just some of the things that you can keep in mind when you want to improve human resource management in call centers. By focusing on these methods, you just might have it in yourself to make your call center more stable.

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