Wales tackles workplace bullies

Wales is leading the way in investigating bullying and stress in the workplace which could be costing organisations in the UK 13.75 billion pounds a year.

The Centre for Research on Workplace Behaviours at the University of Glamorgan Business School, the only centre of its kind in the UK, is officially launched at the House of Lords tomorrow. 

It will conduct research into the causes and effects of workplace bullying and other behaviours in businesses and organisations throughout the UK and further a field. 

Last year alone 33.5million days were lost by UK organisations due to bullying related absenteeism, almost 200,000 employees left organisations and the equivalent of 100 million days productivity were lost as a result of bullying.

According to a recent study by the TUC and the YouGov poll of more than 2,500 people at work in Britain, one in seven people in the UK have been bullied at work, with higher paid staff more likely to report problems. 

Co-Director Professor Michael Sheehan commented, “Clearly the issue of workplace bullying in a serious matter and has implications, not only for those who experience being bullied at work but also for those who witness the inappropriate behaviours and for organisations themselves. 

“Such behaviours do little to contribute to organisational loyalty, or commitment. Nor do they enhance productivity, increase job satisfaction, or decrease turnover. The centre aims to advance understanding of relationships and behaviours on a local, national and international level.”

Professor Duncan Lewis and Professor Michael Sheehan who are Co-Directors of the Centre, chose to launch first in London because they are keen to be seen as a UK and global centre of research expertise. The Centre conducts pan-UK research and has worked with a number of major organisations and trade unions nationally.


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