Stress: it’s necessary to keep you sharp!

Do you know stress can be beneficial if used properly? It can harm in a big way, that’s what makes stress management so important.

Business is stressful and sometimes it can really get on your nerves. Learning to channel that stress to get a productive staff is just one of the things that corporate have to learn to do. Sometimes companies arrange stress management courses to get their hard working staff back in the saddle. But it’s better for you to learn a few of the tips and tricks of stress management so that you can implement them in your daily life and your own work ethic.

Stress: it’s necessary to keep you sharp!

Being on edge, keeps you ready for any eventualities that come up at a chaotic day in your office. Stress prepares you to react to situations immediately and of course provides stimulation to think and act. However, too much stress puts a severe load on your health and your heart and burnouts become common! It’s a better idea to learn to channel this stress into a more productive manner. And here’s how most stress management courses teach their students.

Identify stressors- Find out what causes the stress and then isolate your reaction to it. Is it your boss giving unreasonable deadlines or is it a difficult office relationship with co-workers? What ever the stimulant, recognize the fact that it stresses you out and before the situation develops learn to control your emotions and your anger.

Use stress management techniques- once you’ve recognized what’s causing the stress, you’ve got to learn to control the problem and here’s how you can do it.

1.    Humor- Laugh it off! Nothing can be so serious that you can’t just step down and take some time to laugh at simple things in life. Find something which will make you laugh and keep it stored on your computer. If you feel the situation might make you lose your temper then its time to distract yourself with some laughter remedy.

2.    Brisk walks- This might be difficult to do but its better than doing something you might regret later on. Doing something physical like taking a walk or just working out can significantly control stress levels by distracting your mind from office problems.

3.    Have a hobby- One co-worker keeps an airplane model assembly kit at his desk. According to him when the stress becomes unbearable, the task of focusing on the tiny parts of the airplane assembly models just makes him relax and focus on the problem which is causing the stress.

4.    Turn stress into a motivator- Use the charged energy levels produced by increased adrenaline to do your job positively. Stress does make your brain sharper and you could be surprised at how focused you can get if you let go of all emotions related to stress like anger and tiredness!

Of course one of the best ways to control stress is to remove the stressor! But not all of us can quit our jobs just because they are stressful. What you can do is reduce all other aggravators like alcohol, caffeine and nicotine and get healthy! That way you get healthy and more ready to deal with any type of stress! Makes sense, right!

Richard Reid is the founder of Pinnacle Proactive, Specialising in theEmployee Assistance ProgramStress ManagementStaff Retention & Absenteeism. Take a Proactive Approach to Growing Your Organisation & its People. For more info visit


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