January 12 is the most stressful day of the year, research claims

MONDAY, January 12, could be one of the most stressful days of the year ahead, an expert has claimed.

With the Christmas festivities firmly behind us, many Britons are said to be experiencing heightened stress levels thanks to money worries and the growing chances of unemployment.

Psychologist and stress specialist David Lewis was commissioned by bathrooms firm Ideal Standard International to look into which day was likely to be the most stressful — and he believes it’s just a week away.

Dr Lewis, author of best seller One Minute Stress Management, said: “While day-to-day stress levels obviously rise and fall according to an individual’s circumstances, there are several possible reasons why so many seem to find Monday, January 12, the most stressful day of the year.”

He identified five main factors which made the date the most stressful.

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1. It’s the day when the true cost of Christmas suddenly hits home and we start becoming stressed by the amount of money spent over the festive season and how we are going to pay all the bills.

2. Most of us will have already given up on our new year’s resolutions — leaving us feeling stressed and guilty at having fallen at the first hurdle.

3. Most people have been back at work for a week by which time the fun and excitement of the Christmas festivities and new year becomes no more than a distant memory and we are left to face the stressful realities of settling back down at work.

4. With 88 days to go before the next breather, the Good Friday public holiday, it is classically January 12 when the stresses and strains of the year ahead really begin to dawn on us.

5. On January 12 we are still 76 days away from the start of British Summer Time — that thought alone will send stress levels through the roof!

Dr Lewis offers the following advice for getting through the day.

“When you get home from work, unwind in a hot bath. This helps ease away muscle tension and, by drawing blood closer to the surface, increases relaxation,” he said.

“Enhance the experience still further by using relaxing aromatherapy oil in your tub, while listening to soothing music.”

(Source: http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/news/January-12-stressful-day-year-research-claims/article-585961-detail/article.html)

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