As the Boss, You Can Reduce Work Stress in the Office

work stress

Work stress can adversely affect your organization. It can increase absenteeism, decrease work commitment from your staff, increase staff turn-over, impair your group’s performance and productivity, increase unsafe working practices and accident rates, increase complaints from clients and customers, increase liability to legal claims and actions by stressed workers, and ultimately damage your organization’s image both internally and externally.

You definitely wouldn’t want these things to happen, so the best thing to do immediately is redesign the work through a new and effective strategy to reduce work stress. Though not exactly simple to do, there are scientific means to carry out the redesign process by delineating and focusing on demands, knowledge base and abilities, support, and control methods.

Change the demands of work. Change the way the job is done. Maybe, you have to change the work environment itself. Redesign the way the workload is distributed.

Stress is a result of the inability to cope with the demands of work. You are always bound to meet incapable employees. Hit the nail on the head. Increase their capacity to meet the demands of work by developing their knowledge and skills.

You can also redesign the way employees control the work they do. Maybe, you’ll need to introduce flexi-time, job-sharing, and more consultation about working practices. The trick is to let your workers know that no job is too difficult for them because they are not alone in doing it, though they are ultimately accountable for their respective tasks.

By allowing more interaction among employees, as well as encouraging teamwork in the workplace, you are thereby increasing the perceived amount and quality of support that the staff gets.

Over and above these, you would do better if you evaluate the steps you have taken to reduce work stress in the office. Nothing is tried and true. Everything is experiential. Stick to what works for you and disregard the ones that don’t – immediately.


Richard Reid is the founder of Pinnacle Proactive, Specialising in the Employee Assistance ProgramStress ManagementStaff Retention & Absenteeism. Take a Proactive Approach to Growing Your Organisation & its People. For more info visit


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